Waking Dream Across Olympicₓ ू ₒ ु ˚ ू ₒ ु ₓ。

I dream about LA in the future. Vivid daydreams as I’m crossing downtown toward the freeway, or gazing up at the buildings on Wilshire. I walk around my neighborhood at sunset and my mind is floating. You can tell people have been doing magic here for a long time.

I don’t know where we are headed and it feels like a world is ending, the waves receding. I am trying to adjust. I am moving more slowly, in no rush, despite a feeling of immense pressure. This is where we are now.

And still I have my future dreams- LA is a city where everyone is taken care of: warm meals, good sleep, enjoying leisure and effort. A city filled with green , food forests, an oasis, the soil is rich and the air stays cool. maybe the skyscrapers in downtown become vertical farms and feed all of us. or maybe they become homes and we all live in community and cook together, take care of eachother, and we don’t need banks or law offices We play music outside read and write books awakened again to our entangledness

Maybe trains run across the city and meet on glimmering platforms free for all to ride maybe we don’t use cars anymore and you can smell the ocean breeze again, and the mockingbirds don’t need to yell at night just to be heard over the roar of traffic. Maybe there’s no more helicopters.

the mesquite and oaks are growing and we continue to plant and care for them. We recognize the crows and hummingbirds and raccoons have something to share with us. They come up to the window at night and we listen.

Maybe the Palm trees have something to share too, so beautiful and dreamy i romanticize them in my mind. but I know they represent a false narrative, provide no shade.