Hi, you can call me Angel. I live in Los Angeles, the city I grew up in and have deep love and utopian aspirations for.

My sun is in the second decan of Capricorn, of which 16th c. astrologer Agrippa describes:

“ Two women and a man looking towards a bird flying in the air; and the signification of these is for the requiring of those things which cannot be done, and for the searching after those things which cannot be known.” 

My image-making is this reaching Agrippa descrbes, the longing, and Eros present in everything I do and create. 

My creative efforts and leisures are influecned by my desire to connect with others, to connect with new thoughts, beings,  non-human persons, the dreamworld and non-linearity.
does this resonate?  i want to connect~ 
angelaurastudio (at) gmail (dot) com

i can also be reached on insta -> @angel_aura_
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